Incredible Acts of Kindness by Previous Lottery Winners

Have you heard of the lottery curse? The lottery curse is when people who have won millions lose more than they earn, end up in dire straits and some even end up in jail. However, don’t let that put you off playing the lottery. There are plenty of people that have beaten the lottery curse. In fact, some have gone further and, rather than throw the money they’ve won away, they have instead used it to do some good. Here are some incredibly inspiring stories of how some USA lottery winners have spent their money, according to Togel Singapura.

Spray Park

We’ve all thought about owning our own water park. Okay, maybe you haven’t, but Edmund and Gertrud Ostrowski from New York obviously had. When they won the lottery, they donated two hundred thousand Dollars to build “Spray Park”, a water park in honor of their parents. While some might have thought about keeping the water park private, the couple opened it to all, and it was a brilliant success when it was unveiled in 2013. The Ostrowski’s moved to Florida, so they clearly are great fans of parks like this. But, they still returned for the opening of the park.

Helping Future Generations

If some people won big on the US lottery, their first thought would probably be to spend it on themselves. Jim and Carolyn McCullar may have spent some on themselves. But the majority of the money was set up to help future generations. From a small town in Washington, the two decided to divide the money, setting it up so that each of their next generations would be able to live comfortably. They also donated a significant portion to charity.

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Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?

Well, Les Robins certainly did. The former middle school teacher donated a significant portion of his $111 million Powerball winnings to build a day camp for children. Camp Winnegator is still successful to this day.

Make a Little Give a Lot

In terms of American lottery wins, Jim Dancy didn’t win much at all when he scored $10,000 from his winning ticket. More amazingly, he decided to donate it all to Greater Kalamazoo United Way. The organization is based on the aim to eliminate poverty from regions of the USA. Many were astounded and incredibly touched by this startling donation.

Paying It Forward

Some lottery winners know exactly what charity they want to donate some of their money to before they win. Others help people little by little. Bob Erb certainly fits into the latter category. He gave ten thousand to a restaurant owner after learning his daughter had cancer, ten thousand to each staff member at the gas station where he bought the ticket and even more money to help fund public schools.

Helping the Homeless

Finally, Dennis Mahurin kept things simple when he won fifty thousand with the lottery. Rather than spending the money, he kept his moderate lifestyle and then went on to donate a hundred dollars to every homeless person he knew. Well, every little bit helps!

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