Why I Love Playtech Casinos

Internet casinos depend on casino software designers for the games they provide. Just as land-based casinos use game manufacturers to provide slot machines, table games, and chips, online gaming sites need software companies to provide the games they offer to their customers.

There are dozens of online gaming designers, with more names entering the market each year. The big names in the business are RTG, Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech. There are many smaller companies and a ton of small start-ups, and each company has carved out its own little niche. RTG, for example, is famous for Reel Series Slots, a lineup of Internet slot games designed to offer lots of side games, bonuses, and free spins. Microgaming and IGT each have licensing deals that allow them to design games based on popular TV shows, video games, and other pieces of pop culture.

Why I Love Playtech Casinos

I have accounts at a half-dozen online casinos, all of them powered by Playtech. Why the fetish for this particular designer? I’ve thought about it a ton, and I’ve come up with a few answers.

  1. 1. Playtech was my first Internet casino experience.

Sort of like how your first love stays with you the rest of your life, the fact that my first experience with online gaming (Totobet) came through Playtech has kept me a loyal fan.

  1. I like the way Playtech’s games look.
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Some casino software designers push the envelope with 3D graphics and special avatars, while others prefer a more stripped-down design. I’d say Playtech falls somewhere in the middle. The games themselves are easy to navigate, easy to play, and easy on the eyes. Garish graphics and bizarre sound effects may work for some Internet gamblers, but not for me. Playtech’s design fits me just right.

  1. I like Playtech’s blackjack variants.

Blackjack is my number one online casino game. I play Internet blackjack twice as much as I play any other type of game of chance or skill. Playtech offers a wide variety of blackjack games with rules that I like. Since I spend most of my time playing blackjack, I stick to Playtech casinos that have a variety of ways to play the game known as 21.

  1. I trust Playtech as a company.

Playtech’s been designing online gaming software for 12 years, and they’re traded publicly on the London stock exchange. Playtech is constantly adding to their game lineup by acquiring smaller design companies and incorporating those group’s best ideas and technologies. I trust Playtech as a company and like the way they do business. Playtech has even moved into the world of land-based gaming, operating gaming kiosks on cruise ship and in traditional casinos.

  1. Playtech has a huge variety of online gaming options.
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As of this writing, Playtech’s game library numbers in the hundreds. I like to vary my casino play from time to time, so gambling at Playtech casinos gives me a variety of titles to choose from togelbet, when I occasionally get bored of their awesome blackjack variants.

I’m a Playtech fan, a die-hard supporter of their casinos, and I have no problem preaching the gospel of Playtech online casinos. Since most Playtech casinos offer free play versions of their games, go check out a Playtech Internet gaming site and give their games a whirl. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked on their games, the variety of titles, and the bonuses and promotions these casinos offer.