Blackjack History

There are enormous casino games that are played both offline and online casinos respectively. Games such as BlackJack, Bingo, roulette games, poker game such as pai gow poker, keno is normally played by all irrespective of their income levels and status.

Out of the list of casino games, the Baccarat is an exclusive casino game that is played by mostly by the high rollers and the rich. The baccarat has a special aura associated with it and therefore in most of the land based casinos there is a separate or an exclusive section catered for the players who are interested in playing this game Liga88.

The historical origin of the baccarat casino games dates back to the 15th century and most people believe that this game is related with the ancient pagan culture. There is a belief that the fate of a virgin was decided by the ritual where she had to toss a nine sided dice.

In case the dice shows number eight or number nine she would become the priestess, if the dice shows number six or seven then she should never take part in any other religious activities and if the dice shows a number below six then she had to drown herself in the sea.

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The other versions of the origin of Baccarat trace it to Italy where the number zero means baccarat in Italian. The invention of this game can be credited to Felix Faligurierein an Italian gambler. The game soon spread to France where it was taken over by the aristocracy and thus this game became associated with the wealth and status.

During the 20th century this game was introduced in North America and found popularity amongst the rich and wealthy in Argentina. The American version of Baccarat was introduced by Tommy Renzoni who brought this game to the casinos of Las Vegas.