Three Card Poker Game

Three Card Poker is a very easy game and not at all difficult to learn. This game is basically played between player and dealer. The below are some of the three card poker rules where players have to follow.

  • Each player deals with three cards which face downwards. The main objective is that the player should get a higher hand than that of the dealer.
  • When playing three card poker it is important for player to remember that there are some ways which will help to make a three card straight than a three card flush. So a three card straight is considered higher than a flush.
  • The game does not involve any bluffing and beginners will first consider this game to play Bet88.
  • A player needs to take a strategic decision whether he should fold the cards or raise them because raising cards means paying to see the dealer cards.
  • Another important point to remember is that the minimum hand, the player must possess a high ace along with a queen or a king.
  • Sometimes a dealer may have a higher hand greater than the player and player still lose the game.
  • The dealer needs to have a queen high hand or something better than that his hand is counted. A player of the game has to think very carefully before raising a weak hand.
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These are few tips to the players which are required to keep in mind when trying to play three card poker.