Best Texas Hold’em Hands

There are various winning strategies to win the Texas Holdem and knowing about the best ten hands while playing the Texas Poker Holdem is quiet important. These are discussed as mentioned below:

  • Having Two Kings or cowboys as it is normally referred to in the poker game is the second best holdem hand that provides an opportunity for winning chances.
  • Two Queens or ladies are also considered as a good hand even though the kings and the aces are stronger but the queen has the upper hand on the jacks and those below them.
  • Ace-King combination is also a strong but is quite tricky and this combination is considered the strongest of the drawing hand but the strength is only increased when it was paired with aces or kings.
  • Jack and Jack pairing offers the player a smooth sailing and a winning position in about twenty percent of the time. Nevertheless, if the flop shows queen and king then the player must be too careful.
  • Ace-Queen is the second best drawing hand and can contribute to winning chances of atleast twenty percent of the played time.
  • King-Queen pairing is suited for the player who is afraid of an Ace falling on the board.
  • Ace-Jack mixture is also a good combination but if unsuited can be still hanged out for playing.
  • King-Jack combination is a better chance when the game is the final stages and is a fine hand to play. The risk here is that this combination can be beaten by any of the above-mentioned combinations.
  • Ace-Ten pairing is a good hand but it is advisable not to play it too strong usually when the game is unsuited as in case the player is end up with a pair of aces he or she may be outkicked.
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Thus, the above-mentioned combinations if played strategically will help the player in winning the Texas Holdem poker game.